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1、Sun Tzu and the Art of Sales Leadership孙孙子兵法子兵法 之之 如何领导销售团如何领导销售团队,创造非凡业绩队,创造非凡业绩1Top Sales People Dont Necessary Become Good Sales Managers.Why?卓越销售员不一定就是优秀卓越销售员不一定就是优秀的销售经理的销售经理。为什么?为什么?2Elements of Effective Sales Leadership销售领导力的主要因素Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Manager销售经理的职责Formulatin

2、g Sales Strategies 拟定销售战略Leadership Styles 领导风格Motivation团队激励Coaching for Peak Performance获得高绩效的教练技巧3Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Manager 销售经理的职责Elements of Effective Sales Leadership销售领导力的主要因素4Exactly What Does a Sales Manager Need to Do?销售经理究竟需要做些什么?销售经理究竟需要做些什么?5Duties and Responsibilit

3、ies of a Sales Manager 销售经理的义务和责任Directs and controls others in a business unit在商务单位指导并支配他人Practical intelligence学以致用的能力Analytic ability分析能力Training/coaching in a structured setting有系统地给下属培训或辅导Makes joint calls 一起去拜访客户Makes formal presentations做正式的陈述Takes initiative in a business unit主动性强Profit cons

4、ciousness in a management role 从管理角度具有盈利意识Focused on quantitative results关注于可量化的成效6Elements of Effective Sales Leadership销售领导力的主要因素Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Manager销售经理的职责Formulating Sales Strategies 拟定销售战略8Management by Objectives目标性管理What is Strategy?什么是战略?9The 3 Components of Winning

5、 Strategies成功战略的3大组件The Goal/Objective目标The Resources Needed所需资源The Responses from Customers and Competitors客户及竞争对手的反应10胜兵先胜而后求战,败兵先战而后求胜The victorious army plans for victory before fighting,the vanquished army fights before planning for victory11业绩业绩 企业之命脉,死生之地,存亡之道,不可不察也。Sales.the lifeblood of a c

6、ompany,a matter of life and death,survival or extinction.Indeed,something that needs to be studied,applied and re-modified consistently.12Formulating Your Strategy拟定战略道道:企业之愿景也The Way/Vision天天:时事大环境也 The Climate地地:市场、区域、客户群体、实地情况也 The Ground将将:销售领导能力也 The Leadership and People法法:方法、技能也 The Methods a

7、nd Processes13道道:The Common VisionWhy do we need to realise this vision?我们为什么需要实现这个愿景How do we get buy-in for this vision?我们如何产生共鸣并获得认同?Whats in it for us?“对我们有什么益处?”14Operation Neptune 诺曼底诺曼底 登陆登陆Date 日期日期6-Jun-44Location 地点地点Normandy,France 法国诺曼法国诺曼底底Result 结果结果Decisive Allied victory 盟军盟军决定性胜利决定性

8、胜利Territorial changes 领地更领地更换换Allied beachhead in Normandy,France 盟军占领盟军占领诺曼底海滩诺曼底海滩Belligerents 交战双方交战双方Allied Forces 盟军盟军 Nazi Germany 纳粹德国纳粹德国Strength 作战人员作战人员175,000380,000Casualties and losses 伤亡人员伤亡人员Total allied casualties(killed,wounded,missing,or captured)are estimated at approximately 10,0

9、00.盟盟军总伤亡(阵亡、受伤、失踪、军总伤亡(阵亡、受伤、失踪、被俘)人数为被俘)人数为10,00010,000人左右人左右Estimated between 4000 and 9000 casualties.大约大约4000至至900人人15天天:The Climate (Gathering Inputs)Extenal factors beyond our control在我们控制范围以外的大环境Political.Economical.Social.Technological.factors政治、经济、社会、科技 因素Look for patterns and anomalies 寻找

10、规律及 反常现象16地地:The Ground (Gathering Inputs)Extenal factors within our span of influence在我们影响范围以内的实地情况Our S.W.O.T.我方的优势、弱项、契机、威胁Our adversarys S.W.O.T.对方的优势、弱项、契机、威胁Look for patterns and anomalies 寻找规律及 反常现象17知己知彼,百战不殆知己知彼,百战不殆Know Thyself and Thy Adversary,A Hundred Battles Fought and Not Imperil Any

11、18将将:The Leadership (Decide)Are the leaders empowered to make the decisions?领导可有决策权?Do they have access to the right information?他们可有获得正确的信息?Can they make the right deductions?他们能否做出正确的判断?19不知三不知三军军之事而同三之事而同三军军之政,之政,则军则军士士惑矣惑矣If a commander does not understand the key issues of the battle AND his ow

12、n army BUT gives commands,his soldiers will be confused20不知三不知三军军之之权权而同三而同三军军之任,之任,则军则军士士疑矣疑矣If a commander is given the responsibility but NOT the authority,his soldiers will doubt his commands21将能而君不御者将能而君不御者胜胜The ruler who does not interfere with capable generals shall win the war22法法:The Methods

13、 and Processes (Implement)How shall we roll out our plans?我们该如何实施?Are there feedback mechanisms in place?实施过程可有反馈机制?Can we make adjustments as the situation demands it?我们该如何按照时势作出调整?23改变中的环境 The Changing Environment客户现在跟五年前相比有什么区别?What are the differences in customers now compared to 5 years ago?客户五

14、年后跟现在对比又将有什么区别?What will be some of the differences in customers 5 years from now?24凡战者,以正合,以奇胜In war,use conventional methods to get your army organised,but use unconventional methods to achieve victory25What Do Customers Expect from Sales People?客户对销售员有什么期望?Be personally accountable for customers

15、results为客户的绩效承担个人责任Understand customers business了解客户的商务模式Proactively provide advice for customers主动为客户提出建议Suggest the right solutions that solve customers problems提出能解决客户困惑的有效方案Be easily accessible 客户能随时联系上Be creative in responding to customers needs能为客户的需求提出有创意的解决方法Source:HR Chally26Blue Ocean vs.R

16、ed Ocean Strategy 蓝海 vs.红海战略Traditional Circus vs.Cirque du Soleil一般马戏团 vs.太阳马戏团Traditional Bakery vs.Bread Talk 一般面包店 vs.面包新语Traditional Computers vs.Dell一般电脑企业 vs.戴尔电脑Ordinary vs.iPods一般MP3机 vs.iPodNormal Motels/Hostels vs.Home Inns/Motel 168 一般招待所 vs.如家/莫泰27Elements of Effective Sales Leadership销

17、售领导力的主要因素Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Manager销售经理的职责Formulating Sales Strategies 拟定销售战略Leadership Styles 领导风格28Who Are Some of The Leaders in You Admire谁是你你最仰慕的领导们What makes admire them?你为什么会仰慕他们?29How do you measure Leadership Effectiveness?您将如何衡量领导力的绩效?30Sun Tzus 5 Criteria for Leadershi

18、p 孙子兵法将者5律智 Intelligence and Wisdom信 Trust and Respect仁 Compassion勇 Courage严 Discipline and Control31智Intelligence and WisdomAnalytical Intelligence分析能力Understands trends and numbers 了解趋势与数字Good at problem solving 善于解决问题Draws accurate conclusions达到准确的判断Practical Intelligence学以致用的能力Understands wide-r

19、anging knowledge学识渊博Knows where to look for the right information知道如何找寻信息Identifies the right context for the right application 知道在什么场合运用什么方式来解决问题Creative Intelligence创造力Sees new perspectives that others dont看到他人所看不到的观点Thinks laterally侧向思维Generates innovative solutions营造创新方案 32信Trust and RespectTrus

20、t in the leaders decisions信任领导的决策Trust in the leaders intentions信任领导的意图Authority is given,but respect is earned 权利是加于的,但尊重是赢取的Lead by example 以身作则33仁CompassionUnderstands the needs and aspirations of your team members了解各个队员的需求及奋斗目标Makes each sales person the best sales person she canever be让每一个销售队员成

21、为最优秀的销售员34勇CourageMaking decisions that team members dislike作出让团队不高兴的决策Making decisions that management dislikes 作出让管理层不认同的决策Taking action付出行动35严Discipline and ControlTo discipline others,discipline yourself first 严己宽人Control is ALSO about catching other doing the RIGHT things监控也包括“抓”到对方做对事36How Goo

22、d Leaders can Add Value 优秀领导者是如何增加价值的Getting team members to go the extra mile willingly让队员自愿地作额外的付出(行千里而不劳者,行于无人之地也)Inspire team members to generate more creative solutions启发队员,使他们能够更富有创意地解决问题Motivating team members to take initiative with the appropriate actions激励队员,使他们能够自主地采取合适的措施与行动37Elements of

23、 Effective Sales Leadership销售领导力的主要因素Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Manager销售经理的职责Formulating Sales Strategies 拟定销售战略Leadership Styles 领导风格Motivation团队激励38Are Sales People Motivated by Money Only?销售人员是否只会被金钱所激励?If Not,What Else?如果不是,那还有什么能激励销售人员的呢?39What Might Motivate Sales People?什么能够激励业务员

24、?Money金钱Achievement成就Recognition认可Relationship关系Prestige 声望Good environment to grow良好成长环境Autonomy自主自由Purpose 有所目的Others其他40Brainstorming your motivation plan如何激励你的团队的脑力风暴Increase incentives and commissions增加奖金与佣金Introduce a competition引进销售竞赛Give recognition for the right behaviour针对正确的行为给于赞赏Give the

25、m a bright,positive future vision if they succeed给他们画一幅非常辉煌的愿景41What REALLY Motivates People什么真正能够激励他人Consequence 后果42Types of Consequences 不同的后果Positive 正面Immediate 立刻Certain 明确Negative 负面Immediate 立刻Certain 明确Positive 正面Immediate 立刻Uncertain 不明确Positive 正面Future 未来 Certain 明确Negative 负面Future 未来 C

26、ertain 明确Negative 负面Immediate 立刻Uncertain 不明确Positive 正面Future 未来 Uncertain 不明确Negative 负面Future 未来 Uncertain 不明确Source:Daniels&Daniels 200743卒未亲附而罚之则不服;不服则难用;卒已亲附而罚不行,则不可用All punishment and no camaderie will create dissent;All camaderie and no punishment will have poor discipline 44Why Give Recogni

27、tion?为何要为何要给于赞赏?给于赞赏?46Recognition of Daily Achievements 日常赞赏Frequent要经常Find out the small contributions of staff in their daily work在日常小事里面找到员工的小小贡献Specific 要具体Thank you for putting the effort in the training materials.You were able to get the innovators to agree to one another an get the content o

28、ut on time.Great job!“谢谢你在新培训教材中所付出的努力。你能把创新者们聚到一块,在内容上达到一致,而且这么短的期限你也能达到。干得好!”Timely要及时47故合之以文,齐之以武,是谓必取To win,use reason to unite your people,and use discipline to implement your strategies49Definition of Culture文化的定义Things people do unconsciously人们无意中做的事情50Corporate Values vs.Culture企业价值观 vs 企业文化

29、Culture derives from many people having the same habit 文化的根源在于有很多人有着相同的习惯What habits do you want your team to develop?你希望你的队员培养哪方面的习惯?How do you do so?你该怎么执行?52创建你的领导文化Creating Your Leadership Culture行行为Behaviour反反应Response期望期望Expectation效果效果Effect53创建你的领导文化Creating Your Leadership Culture行行为Behavio

30、ur反反应Response期望期望Expectation效果效果Effect文化文化Culture “这里里做事的方式做事的方式”“the way things are done around here”54Positive Feedback正面反馈Context情景Action行为Result结果55Corrective Feedback纠正反馈Context情景Actual action实际行为Result结果Expected action预期行为Result(enhanced)结果(优化)56Why Not Build a High-Performing Sales Team Inste

31、ad?为什么不组建一个优秀的销售团队取而代之?Compare the best performing sales person(s)with the rest(the middle and worst performing)in your company在公司内部将业绩最好的销售人员(们)与其他销售人员(业绩平平或最差的销售人员)进行比较 Find out what are the qualities or behaviours that are ONLY present in the best people,which the rest are not doing找出前者身上独有的(或后者身

32、上缺乏的)素质或工作方法 57Why Not Build a High-Performing Sales Team Instead?为什么不组建一个优秀的销售团队取而代之?Structure the interview processes where you look for past performance whereby the candidate has demonstrated such ideal qualities or behaviours回顾在过去的招聘过程中能够显示应聘者此类优秀素质或工作方法的环节,并对其进行强化 If the qualities or behaviours

33、 can be learnt,structure your sales training such that everyone on your team can learn and internalise them如果这些优秀素质或工作方法可以通过学习来获得,那么强化销售培训,使得团队每个成员都掌握它们 58Motivating Staff激励员工Happy Staff vs.Hungry Staff快乐的员工和饥饿的员工Who will be more motivated?谁更有工作动力?The question is how we keep staff hungry问题是我们如何让员工保持

34、饥饿At the same time,we need to feed them as well同时,我们要喂养他们What do we feed or staff with?我们该如何喂养他们呢?59Elements of Effective Sales Leadership销售领导力的主要因素Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Manager销售经理的职责Formulating Sales Strategies 拟定销售战略Leadership Styles 领导风格Motivation团队激励Coaching for Peak Performanc

35、e获得高绩效的教练技巧60Who is the Best Sales Person?哪位是最优秀的业务员?No.Of Client Meetings 客户会面次数Salesman A191Salesman B78Salesman C6361No.Of Client Meetings 客户会面次数Proposals Sent 提议书数量No.of Sales Closed成交数量Salesman A19112334Salesman B787843Salesman C633025Who is the Best Sales Person?哪位是最优秀的业务员?62No.Of Client Meeti

36、ngs 客户会面次数Proposals Sent提议书数量No.of Sales Closed成交数量Sales Value销售金额Salesman A19112334340,000Salesman B787843500,000Salesman C633025360,000Who is the Best Sales Person?哪位是最优秀的业务员?63No.Of Client Meetings 客户会面次数Proposals Sent提议书数量No.of Sales Closed成交数量Sales Value销售金额Gross Profit毛利Salesman A19112334340,0

37、00100,000Salesman B787843500,000200,000Salesman C633025360,000200,000Who is the Best Sales Person?哪位是最优秀的业务员?64What will be Your Advice to Salesman A,B and C?你会给业务员A、B及C什么建议呢?65Challenges in Sales Management 销售管理遇到的挑战Less than 15%of superstar salespeople succeed in management 少于15%的顶尖销售人员能够成为称职的经理Mo

38、st people leave their jobs because they could not get along with their supervisors大部分离职的员工都是因为无法与上级融洽相处而这么做的Only 19%of effective new business developers are effective at maintaining long-term customers 只有19%的新客户开拓人员能够与客户保持长远良好关系Less than 15%of key account managers are comfortable developing new busi

39、nesses只有15%的客户经理对发展新客户感到适意66Challenges in Sales Management 销售管理遇到的挑战Nearly 65%of salespeople who fail could have succeeded in the right type of sales position for their skills将近65%的表现欠佳的业务员能在更合适的销售岗位上创造更优越的业绩Nearly 70%of strong customer support and service staff are able to maintain customer relatio

40、nships将近70%的客服人员能够与客户保持良好长久关系60%of sales position failures are related to individuals with the wrong skills for the position60%的销售人员无法胜任其职是因为个人技能与岗位不匹配67Case Study 2 案例2Sam is a new sales person and showed a lot of promise during his initial training with the company.When he went on his work,he also

41、 put in lots of effort.Still,after 3 months,there wasnt any results generated.What would you do?Sam是一位新业务员,并在入职培训的时候表现优异。他正式工作时也非常投入。但在三个月以后,他仍然没有任何业绩。你会怎么做?68“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”“重复做同样的事情重复做同样的事情却期望不同的结果却期望不同的结果”Definition of Insanity愚痴的定义愚痴的定义

42、69Case Study 3 案例3Susan was one of your better sales persons.Unfortunately,she hasnt been producing much results lately.When asked about her performance,she replied that the customers just need a little longer time to make the decision this year.What would you do?Susan是你团队里较为优秀的业务员。不幸的是,她最近业绩欠佳。当你问她

43、情况时,她说客户今年会比以往需要更长一点的时间作决定。你会怎么做?70Active Listening 聆听Always allow the other person to finish talking before passing any judgments待别人叙述完再阐明自己的观点Ask clarifying questions让别人阐明问题Listen with your ears,eyes and emotions使用你的耳、眼及感觉来聆听71Case Study 4 案例4Simon has been in touch with a prospect for quite some

44、time.He has seen their decision makers,their technical buyers and even end-users.While responses are positive,there was no further progress.What questions would you ask?Simon跟进了一家客户已经有段时间。他一见过对方的决策者、技术人员甚至使用者。尽管反馈良好,但始终裹足不前。你会向他提问什么问题?72Bad Sales Habits不良的销售习惯Complaining too much and doing too littl

45、e 满腹牢骚却无所行动Talking too much and asking too little 说得太多,问得太少No effort to understand customers hidden needs 不试图了解客户的潜在需求Spending too much time on unimportant things 为芝麻小事耗太多时间 Arguing with customers and badmouthing competitors与客户争论,并说竞争对手的坏话Unwilling to share information and cross-sell 不愿共享信息及交叉销售Inve

46、sting the entire relationship with the customers organisation with just only 1 contact person与客户的关系仅建立在一个联系人的基础上Others?其他?73Providing Constructive Criticism给于建设性的批评Confirm Abilities and Give Recognition 肯定销售员的能力,并给与赞扬Ask 问一问:From a scale of 1-10,1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest,how would

47、you rate yourself?如果以1-10分的标准,1分为最差,10分为最好,您会为自己打几分?What do you need to do bring you to a 10?你认为应该做些什么才能够达到10分?Give Additional Pointers on Areas to Improve 提一些可以改进的意见Provide Brightness of the Future 让对方认同做出改变以后的憧憬74Criteria Sales Staff Appraisal销售员评估标准Sales Results销售业绩Gross Profit 毛利New Businesses B

48、rought In挖掘新客户Retention and Growth of Existing Customers现有顾客的维护与增长Ability to Work As a Team团队合作能力Being Able to Understand Customers Business Issues能够了解客户的商务需求Making Significant Improvements and Progress in Sales Results/Sales Activities推动销售增长、改进销售业绩Basis of Sales Staff Appraisal:Achieve sustainable

49、growth in sales results销售员评估的基础:销售业绩的持续增长75Action Planning行动计划行动计划76What Next?下一步该怎么做?What should I do more of?我们哪方面应该多做一些?What should I do less of?我们哪方面应该少做一些?What should I start doing?我们该开始做什么?What should I stop doing?我们该停止什么?What shall be my action steps now?我的行动计划将是什么?77Q&AContact infodirections- for more details,OR log on to: to get monthly updates ORhttp:/ for the Chinese updates78

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